Friday, December 17, 2010

Composer Peter Golub in Prague recording the score.

City of Prague Symphonic Orchestra at the Smecky Recording Studio
It is 5:48 am PST and I am listening in on (via Source-Live Gateway - an online service to get instant world-wide access to audio studios) the live recording of the score for These Amazing Shadows. Our composer, Peter Golub, along with music editor, Scott Johnson, and music contractor, Ted Hinckley, are at the Smecky Recording Studio in Prague, Czech Republic working with the City of Prague Symphonic Orchestra. After months of listening to temp tracks of various sorts it is extraordinary to sit here in my pajamas in Oakland, California and hear (through the miracle of the Interwebs) the score coming to life.  Between takes there are exchanges between the conductor, Richard Hein, in the recording studio and the interpreter, Staniaslave Vomackova, in the recording booth - sounds quite serious but not tense, but since I don't speak Czech I really don't know. I'm beginning to hear smatterings of laughter from the musicians so things must be going well - or at least they are having a good time. The audio atmosphere has an old world quality. Every so often the musicians will all tap-tap-tap, which apparently is an expression of appreciation (for Peter, the music, themselves, snack time - don't know - probably all). In this session Peter is working with the full orchestra minus the brass (trumpets, trombones, horns and tuba). Those parts will be recorded separately tomorrow.

Peter just emailed this report: "We think it's going really well. When we add horns and brass it'll sound even better."

Peter's report on Prague: "It's beautiful, quaint and cosmopolitan...but, boy is it cold (21 degrees Fahrenheit)."

City of Prague Symphonic Orchestra:

Smecky Recording Studio:

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