Monday, February 7, 2011

For the Love of Film: Film Preservation Blogathon

Our friend, Self-Styled Siren (AKA: Farran Nehme, one of our interview subjects) along with her friend, Ferdy on Films, will be hold a film preservation fundraising blogathon during February 14th through 21st. What is a blogathon? Well, a bunch of film blogs will write virtually non-stop on the subject of Film Noir. Not really non-stop, but frequently in order to draw attention to raising money to restore the film, The Sound of Fury (1950), directed by Cy Endfield and starring Frank Lovejoy (famously known as the murdeous psychopath in the Ida Lupino directed, The Hitch-Hiker) and a rather fine performance by Lloyd Bridges as Jerry Slocum.

Belgian poster for The Sound of Fury
Donations (see link below) will go to the Film Noir Foundation who will coordinate the funding for the restoration which will be done by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, using a reference print from Martin Scorsese’s personal collection to guide them and fill in any blanks. Paramount Pictures has agreed to help fund the restoration, but the Film Noir Foundation is going to have to come up with significant funds to get the job done. That’s where the blogathon comes in.

Last year the blogathon raised thousands of dollars and was a great success. Join us this year and help restore The Sound of Fury!

The Sound of Fury IMDB page

Donation Link

The Film Noir Foundation

Self-Styled Siren

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