Monday, March 28, 2011

The woman in the long red gloves...

A photo taken on March 26th in London by Alister - posted on Flickr.
This photo prompts many questions. 1) Can you imagine that there would be a public protest in defense of film preservation? 2) Why would a film preservation demonstrator wear long luxurious red leather gloves to a protest? 3) Where was this photo taken? 4) Who is the woman in the long red gloves? 5) What group does she represent? 6) Who is she demonstrating against?

Here are some answers:
1) Yes.
2) I imagine she would reply..."Actually, dearie, they're really quite sensible in this weather."
3) London
4) We'd like to know!
5 and 6) She is evidently demonstrating/marching in support of the March 26th TUC (Trade Union Congress) "March for the Alternative," a protest against the extent of public spending cuts being enforced by the English Tory-Liberal Democrat government. It is also called the "anti-cuts march." The Brits are broke and the current government is imposing what many feel are draconian budget cuts that will adversely effect society across the board, but leaving the rich untouched. Most of the 500,000 demonstrators brought signs that reflect the core issues of the protest: cuts in social services, education, fire/police, the arts and jobs. A few, like our woman in the long red gloves, brought more esoteric issues to the fore! We applaud her and other Brits sincere point of view. And, hope the British people find a fair and reasonable way out of their financial mess without destroying the things that make England such an amazing country.

Alister's Flickr page:
March for the Alternative website:
The super fantastic British Film Institute:

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