Thursday, April 7, 2011

Darling Deschanels, Ashland, RiverRun and Tiburon

Zooey and Caleb Deschanel on the set of The Slugger's Wife in 1984.
One of the charming moments in These Amazing Shadows is Zooey Deschanel and her father Caleb talking about The Wizard of Oz. It's clear they share a bond through that movie (and an intense resemblance with their striking blue eyes). One of our ideas during production was to ask Zooey and Caleb if they had any home movies they would be willing to share with us. It was to be used in an elaborate TAS "Home Movie" segment. In the hectic environment of documentary production...we simply forgot to ask them. I still wonder - what would a famous cinematographer's family home movies look like? Not to mention the added layer of interest with his daughters growing up to be movie and TV stars.  I was reminded of that fumbled idea when a fan of TAS sent us the above photo.

Mary Jo, Zooey and Caleb Deschanel.

This is a big weekend for TAS. We are screening on Saturday at the Ashland Independent Film Festival and RiverRun International Film Festival; and Sunday at the Tiburon International Film Festival. Co-director Paul Mariano (along with his wife Suzanne) will be in Ashland to do a post-screening Q&A. I will be appearing for a brief Q&A in Tiburon. We are disappointed that we cannot attend RiverRun. We will be posting photos from these festivals next week.

The Wizard of Oz Facts:
- premiered at the Strand Theatre in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on August 12, 1939 and Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on August 15, 1939.
- selected to the National Film Registry in 1989.
- Toto is listed in the end credits as being played by Toto, when he was actually played by a dog named Terry.

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