Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"I Heart New York "and Other Idiomatic Expressions

Thom Powers, Kurt Norton and Paul Mariano at the "These Amazing Shadows" post screening Q&A - IFC Center Theater, New York. (photo by Justin Paine)
Paul and I have spent a lot of time together over the past two years working on These Amazing Shadows. I mean a lot of time. It is to the point that when we go to a special event or important appointment we will often wear almost the same clothes. It's kinda freaky and disturbing. Paul has taken to wearing one of our popular "I Heart Movies" buttons (see below) in order to make sure people can tell us apart.

TAS is not on the marquee but shared the theater with all those great films at the IFC Center Theater, NY.
On April 21st we screened TAS at the IFC Center Theater in New York. Our appreciation goes out to Thom Powers, the director of the Stranger than Fiction documentary series that sponsored our screening. He was a great host and is so knowledgeable about documentaries. Thanks, Thom.

You can tell Paul and Kurt apart by the "I Heart Movies" button Paul wears daily.
The IFC Center Theater, New York screening of These Amazing Shadows was really fun. We expected the typical crowd and experience but got something much different. What we got was quality over quantity. Our audience was not as big as we would have liked but it was a very sophisticated NY industry crowd. Every audience is a bit different but we are used to getting the predictable laughs, oooos and ahhhhs at certain points in our show. This audience was not like any other. No big laughs. No real emotional ooooos and ahhhs. I was rather crushed. But, after the screening we found an audience full of life, opinions, intensity like no other. We simple Californians were not prepared for the full New York experience. Thanks so much to Barbara Kopple, Dan Strible, Bob Hawk, Nina Paley, John Magery, Myna Joseph, Jill Bauer, Peter Golub's mother, Brian and (the lovely) Hanna Oakes, and many others.
Paul mugs with Kurt's niece, Tessa Rexroat at the IFC Center Theater in New York. (photo by Justin Paine)
Kurt tries to convince his niece, Tessa, to take his place at the TAS post screening Q&A. (photo by Justin Paine)
Our "I Heart Movies" buttons are very popular. We thought about all kinds of giveaways, but due to our limited budget landed on buttons. Here are some of our buttons designed by our graphics guru Brian Oakes. Ignore the square...think round.

Stranger than Fiction documentary series facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6016344979

IFC Center Theater

Thom Powers

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