Friday, January 7, 2011

Our documentary has been bought by IFC for their new brand "Sundance Selects"

Logo for the new IFC brand, Sundance Selects.
We're really pleased to announce that our documentary was picked up by IFC under their new banner, "Sundance Selects." They picked out five feature films from the 2011 Sundance line-up to kick-off this new brand (ours is the only documentary!).  IFC will make These Amazing Shadows available via VOD beginning January 22 (the date of our World Premiere) for 30 days. It will be available in approximately 40 million homes on most major cable systems including Bright House, Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, and Time Warner Cable. After the 30 day VOD run our doc will be pulled to allow us a festival and theatrical window. After this "window" is over there will be a television broadcast, VOD and DVD release.

We've worked on this project for two years and often wondered if anyone would care about the story we were trying to tell. So, as you can imagine this IFC sale is kind of encouraging.

It's been quite the adventure to get all our paper work ducks in a row to satisfy the IFC delivery requirements. It is a totally accelerated process. Issues that normally take 60 days to complete are being done in 10. Paul and I tend to be a little cavalier about business type things so thank goodness our producer, Christine O'Malley, and the rest of the production team (much love to Alex Calleros, Larry Ellis, Matt Radecki, Scott Johnson) are serious minded-detailed oriented-deadline prone people.

Maybe the coolest thing to come out of the IFC deal is that they are about to complete a trailer for our show. It a total gas to see the take a trailer editor from NYC has on our story. The trailer will be available next week so keep tuned to this blog.

We live in a world of specialization. In the movie business if you want a trailer, you don't just go out and get any old editor - you get a trailer editor. There are entire businesses dedicated to this specialized art. Take a look at the house that is cutting our trailer:

You can read more about Sundance Selects and our docs involvement at Movie City News:

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