Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our new end credits...can you identify the movie posters we use???

You are getting a sneak preview of our closing credits. We are taking the unique marketing ploy of releasing our film in reverse. We're really proud of the music by Peter Golub and graphics by Brian Oakes.

We've had a heck of a time with these credits because just when we thought we had everything right someone would spot a typo. We would correct it, re-do all the graphics, feel great...then spot another typo. I do not want to tell you how many times this happened! If you spot a typo DO NOT TELL US! We want to live in our fantasy world that these credits are correct and finished.

Paul and I can't understand why Brian selected a movie poster for our "directed by" credit card that shows a man and woman (ya know...since Paul and I are both guys). Personally, I wanted our poster to be from the movie, Shaft, but Brian gave it to our director of photography Frazer Bradshaw. And, please notice that Brian gave himself Star Wars. to get our revenge against Brian.

Here is a quiz that could win you a valuable prize. Name in order the movie posters we use in the end credits. Send your list to:
Deadline is 5:00 pm PST Wednesday, January 12. The prize will be a These Amazing Shadows related semi-cool collectible. Possibly a Christine O'Malley or Doug Blush bobble-head doll.

Please don't re-purpose this video without our permission because it is copyright 2011 gravitas docufilms.

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