Friday, January 14, 2011

Sneak Peak at the These Amazing Shadows Poster

The Brian Oakes designed one-sheet for These Amazing Shadows.
Hype, hype, hype. Did you know that movies have what is called a "poster release?" The idea is to find reasons to keep your project in the news - so publicists send out a big press release announcing, "Hey, look at our poster!" Violating this time honored tradition we present to all you Sundance Blog readers a sneak peek. Yes, that's right - before the official Poster Release! Hope you feel very special. But, seriously, we are very proud of this Brian Oakes designed poster. Brian is one of the top graphic designers in the country. His work on the documentary, I.O.U.S.A., has been hailed/studied by designers across the country as an example of brilliant design that conveys dense information in an entertaining and digestible fashion. In addition to the poster design, Brian did all the graphics for our documentary. He is known on our team as the "Zen Master" for his calm approach to problem solving. Appropriately, he is the only member of the team that is not on the West Coast. I say that because to remain Zen one must separate themself from the chaos and noise of the world - or at least from the rest of your production team. The main way we communicate with Brian is via video chat. It is so much fun to watch Brian's face change as he goes inward to that private creative space inside his head to puzzle out a problem. Then he resurfaces with a grin and the simple phrase, "How about this..."

Time for another quiz. Can you identify the movies used in our poster? Click on the poster to increase its size. Please send your list of the 11 movies by 5:00 pm Wednesday, January 19th to
The first five correct entries will win a poster! Now we realize that this is a low resolution version and it may not be possible to identify the image at the center of the poster, therefore we will consider identifying 9 out of the 11 images as a correct entry. Good luck!

Brian Oakes Design:

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