Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party Like a Movie Star - Sort of...

Orson Welles Estate
 If you really want to wow your friends and family why not have your next party at the former home of an actor, director or pop star. A company called Eventup has a huge selection of properties (that is real estate lingo) that you can rent for a special occasion. Some of them once belonged to a celebrity. We don't have any connection to Eventup. We post this information just because it is kind of fun.

1) Director/writer/actor Orson Welles former Hollywood Hills home.  COST: $2000.00
Property Description: Hollywood Hills Historic Property with 16,000 Sq Ft Yard. Great for small weddings and get togethers with pool and waterfalls. City view from front and back yards.
TAS Comment: Big stinky cigars and a cape are de rigueur.
Webpage: http://eventup.com/venue/the-gable-1920s-building/

Orson's (and maybe your) view of Los Angeles.

Cary Grant and Charles Bronson's former front yard. Wonder if Cary ever mowed the lawn?
 2) Cary Grant and Charles Bronson's former home in Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. COST: $500
Property Description: Once home to Cary Grant & Charles Bronson, the Larchmont Character Fourplex is located in exclusive Hancock Park, just blocks from quaint Larchmont Village, with unique boutiques, restaurant & cafes…our “Bronson” suite features wonderful natural light, large French windows that open to beautiful Bougainvillea, a private 1 car garage, ample space & more – all while just steps to Larchmont Village, Paramount or Raleigh Studios!
TAS Comment: Can't quite picture Cary and Charles as a couple.
Webpage: http://eventup.com/venue/the-gable-1920s-building/

MM and Joltin' Joe's digs in San Francisco.
3) Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio's former home in San Francisco. COST: $1000
Property Description: On January 15, 1954, Marilyn Monroe married baseball player Joe DiMaggio in San Francisco. They lived for a time in this house in the Marina District.
TAS Comment: This is the place where Joe tried to make Marilyn into a demure housewife.
Webpage:  http://eventup.com/venue/joe-dimaggio-and-marilyn-monroes-home/

Gaga's crib in NYC.
4) Lady Gaga's former apartment in New York City. COST: $12,500
Property Description: The pop icon's former one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side is available for filming and photo shoots. On the building's ground level, there is a retail space available for events and pop-up art galleries or shops.
TAS Comment: Lady Gaga is not associated with the movies, but we include this listing because of the price - $12,500!!! for one evening!!!!
Webpage: http://eventup.com/venue/lady-gagas-former-apartment/

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Internet Film Critic June Mason Speaks!

The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to express their particular point-of-view to the world. Some people choose to express opinions, but remain anonymous. That is somewhat understandable given how unpredictable the world can be. However, when you choose to unleash your views on the world you should take on the responsibility to stand behind them. Some people do - like June Mason. He is a young fellow that reviews movies. We present his charming review of These Amazing Shadows.