Thursday, March 1, 2012

Room 125 Productions - Lawrence (KS) High School

These Amazing Shadows has received a lot of great reviews from traditional and new media film critics. Every so often, like every film, we will get a bad review. This week we got a real stinker. As we were briefly semi-succumbing to this particular blog critic's negative vibes ("How could this be! Why! Why!") we received an email from, Jeffrey Kuhr, who teaches film and media at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas. He told us how much he loved our documentary and how useful it is to his curriculum. Mr. Kuhr has developed a great program for his students called, Room 125 Productions. The above video is one of their recent projects and is a homage to the 1985 film, The Breakfast Club. It is a lot of fun and shows the power of film/video to bring us all together to express ourselves, communicate and have fun. Go, you Lions!

Room 125 Productions YouTube Channel:

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