Monday, June 18, 2012

Superhog vs. The National Film Registry

Screen grab detail from Superhog's user page on
As the Librarian of Congress Dr. James Billington says in These Amazing Shadows, "The National Film Registry is not just another list of great films." Well, perhaps the same could be said for Superhog's list of Favorite Movies of All Times. Superhog is the nom de plume for a young fellow who is a member of, which is one of several Internet sites that allows you to post lists of your favorite (or least favorite) movies. Superhog's ratings list is up to 746 movies and (drum roll please) These Amazing Shadows ranked number 153 (between The Muppets and Cowboys and Aliens!).  Superhog rates The Empire Strikes Back as his all time favorite movie - and rates Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella as the biggest stinker of all time.

Superhog is Daniel McFadin who is a senior journalism major at Arkansas State University. You can follow him on twitter:!/danielmcfadin

We like because it was established by real film fans and one of its cool features is to calculate how many days, hours and minutes you've spent watching movies (the number is based on the number of films you rate).

Blog UPDATE: Friend of These Amazing Shadows Garry Swanson alerted us to another great film list site - Letterboxed - that has the catchy catch phrase of, "Your life in films." On Letterboxed Garry's nom de plume is gicalgary and he has watched 707 films! We love his film list he calls, "Films I sat through, but wished I didn't" that includes: This Means War, Bolero, Xanadu and a few more that you'll have to check out.

You can follow Garry on twitter (he is worth the follow):!/Garry_S!/Garry_S

Other sites to consider:

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