Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Night Mashup - Matrix/OfficeSpace + TaxiDriver/Disney

Neo Hides from Lumberg

The Matrix and Office Space were released in 1999 - thus eligible to be nominated to the National Film Registry. Both films have their own particular brand of rabid fans. Deservingly, these movies are mashed-up in to this funny video by Askel at MttM (Movies for the Masses).

Do you think 'The Matrix' or 'Office Space' belong on the National Film Registry? If so, send an email of support for either film (or another one that is meaningful to you) to Donna Ross at the Library of Congress:
How to nominate a film to the National Film Registry.

Walt Disney's Taxi Driver

Another funny mashup is Taxi Driver (1976) and Walt Disney by San Francisco filmmaker and photographer, Bryan Boyce.


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